Pydah Planet School is a new addition to this fast growing educational group. The school is aimed at providing the most advanced and futuristic education with a blend of modern education and the traditional values inherited over generations. The infrastructure and facilities are contemporary and the style of teaching is international. Pydah Planet School has chosen the location with care. The school located at Gopalapatnam in serene location provides the right ambience for learning without any outside distraction. The school is easily accessible from different parts of Vizag and modern fleet of buses is provided for student’s transportation.

Pydah Planet School endeavours to provide students of Vizag a right environment to world class learning. The classrooms are aesthetically designed to make the students comfortable and set their mood for learning. The school follows the SSC pattern of coaching. The aims to impart value added education that goes beyond the regular bookish knowledge. It also makes earnest efforts to groom the students and shape them into global citizens on the multi faceted personality. Towards this the students will be trained in various skills sets like sports, dance, arts, martial arts, communication skills, science and maths Olympiads. When the student leaves the portals on completion of his or her schooling, he or she will be ready to face any challenge and compete at par with his peers at an international level.