Pydah Plant School follows convention, yet is unconventional; follows tradition yet is modern; it is a school that offers a new dimension to learning, gives a new meaning to the word education.

Pydah Planet School lays emphasis on developing the analytical skills along with a strong domain knowledge tat would keep the student in good stread not just during the schooling period but throughout the life.

Scientifically devised assessment systems followed here heps to spot the slow learners and take corrective measures at the earliest. The systematic teaching programmes help the students retain the lessons learnt for their lifetime and helps them face the challenges of the future confidently.

Monday to Saturday :
Nursery to U.K.G : 8:30 Am - 1:00 Pm
Monday to Friday :

I to VIII : 8:30 Am - 4:30 Pm

Monday to Friday : Saturday :
IX & VIII : 8:30 Am - 5:30 Pm IX : 8:30 Am - 3:00 Pm
Admission Fee
Nursery to U.K.G
I to III
IV & V
VI to X
2,500 /-
10,000 /- P.A
12,500 /- P.A
14,500 /- P.A
16,000 /- P.A