About PEA

"I will never forget what i learned very early in my life. Give a man some bread and he will eat for a day. Show him how to earn it and he will eat for life'. My aim is to show the children in the region the road to prosperity through knowledge and skills and make Pydah a name synonymous with quality education. I dream of a society where every induvidual is empowered and respected irrespective of the social standing, just as the Mahatma desired it to be."

Sri. Pydah Krishna Prasad, Chairman,
Pydah Educational Institutions


Every time we add a new institution to our group, we make a mental resolve to better our past performance. We believe that adding a member to the family means doubling our responsibility and also our accountability. At Pydah, education is a religion and a passion so we go about discharging our duties with dedication and commitment. The destination is not our aim, the journey is.

Smt. Pydah Rama Devi,
Secretary, Pydah Educational Institutions


Education is today universal, the challenges are global and opportunities available are International. In such a scenario the teaching has to be relevant globally too. Pydah Educational Institutions are very contemporary in teaching, advanced in facilities and modern in infrastructure. The result is that students leaving our portals are geared for the challenges of the future.

Maurya C. Pydah, B.Tech. M.B.A.
Director, Pydah Educational Institutions


As the name gains more and more recognition and the fame spreads far and wide, more and more students come from different parts of the globe making Pydah a truly global educational hub. The couse structure and facilities too are being a global outlook to cater to these changing needs. The endeavour at Pydah is to impart knowledge for all without fear a favour and make this world a peaceful place without geographical boundaries.

Dr. S. Sarabandi, M.B.A, Ph.D.
Director PG Courses