"Over the past decade, companies across almost all industries in India have been challenged by competition from both within the country and outside. India is no longer isolated from the economic mainstream, and the patterns that are emerging in business worldwide are bound to be reflected here. The year 2004 had been a good year for Indian business. Our market has recovered and the mood is upbeat. The Indian Economy, hitherto seen as a slow moving elephant has suddenly got the spring of a swift tiger. But we cannot rest on  these laurels. Our efforts will have to double up, particularly when there exists an increasing possibility of winning. For Indian business this involves change of strategy, structure, culture, compensation and everything from sparkling innovation to streamlining internal processes.

The challenge for these organizational innovations will have to be provided by our future managers. In order to be a winner in today's fiercely competitive business environment, they will have to excel by short-term execution of their business objectives, while pursuing long-term visions that create new paradigms.

At Pydah Educational Academy, we have undertaken the challenges posed by the demands of the existing business environment. Our motto, at Pydah, as pursuit of excellence, a fact that is evident from our infrastructure and quality of individual candidates.

At the core of our philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is translated into the knowledge provided to out students."