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“Many say leaders are born not made, But we are proud to Say that we Mould and transform our every student into World-Class Leaders

Department of Management studies

Our two-year MBA program offers a unique and rewarding Experience and isconsidered as one of the most highly-regarded and prestigious MBA courses in India. We differentiate ourselves with unmatched quality of teaching, one-one focus for building personal and leadership skills and help a student in befitting to the increasing needs of the industry. Our well- Experienced Faculty Provide Exemplary mentorship with an ultimate focus on cutting-edge management themes in a well-structured, pro-active and collaborative study environment, using cases and teaching materials focusing on Indian and global issues.
We offer a wide range of Electives like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Etc and provide the student with all the required practical exposure in the form of visits to companies in all the key industries. The two-year curriculum is also followed by a live project for two months which will be guided in order to enable the student to understand the dynamics of the Business Environment and tone his research skills.
During the course, students will get numerous opportunities of Rendezvous with the big wigs in the industry through guest lectures and provide a valuable student-industry interface.

We promote career development and advancement which combines what has been learnt in the classroom with the extensive and valuable global network of contacts that are formed through our Distinguished Alumni who are all in the top echelons of business and government administration around the world.

We fulfill our promise and our well established Alumni are our Foundation. Our successful results in academics and placements are considered Exceptional by any standards for an educational institute.

We deliver what we promise!!

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M.SC Analytical chemistry course has been started in our college in 2006. The course itself is gaining a lot of importance since it is playing a key role in the analysis of all the natural and synthetic products that are to be properly analyzed and which help the mankind in general. Our students have been well placed in the areas of R&D wings of various reputed pharmaceutical companies. There are well experienced research oriented faculty in guiding the students of our department.

It has been started in the year 2007 and we have proven our mettle with the release of our first batch successfully. The importance of biochemists is increasing day by day in various bio technological, pharmaceutical industries. Ever since the advent of the recombinant DNA technology, several vaccines,proteins, hormones have been produced with this technique in which biochemistry is playing a key role. There are five experienced staff who are guiding students in various aspects including project works which they are expected to submit in 4th semester.
Our college is providing centralized equipment for the use of both students and staff to apply themselves in the research and also for updating the knowledge. We have the facilities like gas chromatograph, flame photometer,potentiometers, uv-visible spectrophotometers, laminar airflow, bacterial incubator, muffle furnace,hot air ovens,etc.

We offer MCA Course which is exclusively designed to meet the requirements of the IT industry and also for various organizations. It is a 3 year full time course that significantly emphasizes on planning, designing and building a complex application software and system software. It is a complete professional grooming for students for a successful career.
A project in the 6th semester is mandatory for all students in either commercial or system applications. This aims at implementing analysis, designing and programming tools that have been learnt during the entire curriculum.
An exclusive placement wing is continuously engaged in creating opportunities and training students and making them ready for employment. Companies like infosys, wipro, syntel, to name a few have been visiting our campus on a regular basis and absorbed our students.

Msc Organic chemistry course has been started in our college in 2005 and so far three batches have been released from our institution . All our Alumni are well established in their career with many of them working in renowned chemical industries, BARC Etc. There is a an increasing need of organic chemists in various industries related to pharmaceuticals, agricultural, paints and varnishes and R&D Organisations. There are well qualified and research oriented staff in the department guiding students with proctorial system.