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M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry
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 DEPARTMENT OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Organic chemistry course has been started in our college in 2005 and so far three batches have been released from our institution . All our Alumni are well established in their career with many of them working in renowned chemical industries, BARC Etc. There is a an increasing need of organic chemists in various industries related to pharmaceuticals, agricultural, paints and varnishes and R&D Organisations. There are well qualified and research oriented staff in the department guiding students with proctorial system.


Syllabus :

Semester Theory / Practical Paper Course Title
I – Semester- end Theory  I General Chemistry – I
    II Inorganic Chemistry – I
    III Organic Chemistry – I
    IV Physical Chemistry - I
II – Semester- end Theory I General Chemistry – II
    II Inorganic Chemistry – II
    III Organic Chemistry – II
    IV Physical Chemistry – II
I – Year End Practical I Inorganic Chemistry 
  Practical II Organic Chemistry
  Practical III Physical Chemistry
Specialization : Organic Chemistry
Semester Theory / Practical Paper Course Title
III – Semester -end Theory I Organic Reaction Mechanisms – I & Pericyclic Reactions
    II Organic Spectroscopy – I
    III Organic Synthesis – I 
    IV Natural Products and  Biopolymers – I
  Practical I & II Multi stage synthesis of an organic compound involving three or more than three stages, TLC and Column Chromatography 
IV – Semester – end Theory I Organic Reaction Mechanisms – II
& Organic Photochemistry
    II Organic Spectroscopy – II
    III Organic Synthesis – II
    IV  Natural Products and Biopolymers – II
II Year - End Practical I Analysis of Organic Mixtures Involving two components.
    II Estimation of functional group in Organic compound