Physical Education is considered as important as academics for students at Pydah. Sports and games keep the students physically well-toned and mentally agile. Pydah institutions encourage the students to participate in any sports or games of their choice.

Pydah has invested huge amount of funds in developing the infrastructure for Cricket, Hockey and Football as well as separate courts for Badminton, Basket ball, Volley ball and Tennis. Facilities for Indoor-games like Carroms , Chess, Table Tennis are also made available.

An ultra modern indoor sports complex of international standards is in the pipeline at Pydah Educational Campus. It will have multi-stationed gymnasium provided for the students as well as faculty. Students train under the watchful eyes of dedicated and qualified physical instructors. Regular competiions among the students of Pydah. Educational Institutions as well as inter college, zonal and university level competitions are conducted. Students of Pydah have won many competitions at various levels and made the institution proud.