Pydah college for women established in year 1998-99 offering B.Sc., and B.Com to girl students developed leaps and bounds. Today it offers five streams of BSc., and is professionally managed by Dr.M.Subha. Under her guidance girl students too participate in various cultural events and also extend their service to the society during the times of need.

Some of the praise worthy activities are listed below:

  • The girls belonging to N.S.S participated in the National Integration camp at Haridwar. Here, they demonstrated a true spirit of friendship,co-operation and fellowship.
  • The girls came forward to donate blood voluntarily. The Registrar, A.U lead the camp by donating blood and set tempo for the day with his powerful speech which quite obviously promoted a whole cob of girls for their active participation.
  • The college annual day was celebrated with a lot of variety fanfare. The girls presented colourful events which captivated the audience.
  • The girl students extended their support for cyclone-ravaged victims of Orissa by collecting funds.
  • Taking par in National parades is not only a boy's domain, one of our girl students have participated in Republic day parade in New Delhi.
  • Free music classes give them relaxation.
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